About 2 Kats

The vision of 2 Kats Clothing Mobile Boutique was created when two single moms decided it was time for a serious change. Unhappy with their jobs, the pursuit of being their own bosses ended with the idea of opening a mobile boutique.

It didn't take much mulling over to convince us that this would be our entrance into the fashion world. It was pretty instant from the moment we decided it was happening. We are the type of people that as soon as we get an idea in our heads, we go for it.

We knew we wanted a mobile boutique. We were SO ready to jump right in and get our truck on the road. The problem was that we had no idea where to even begin to find the answers for the mounting questions we had. Permits, costs, sourcing inventory, where to find a truck, how to get insurance for this non-traditional storefront. It was overwhelming but within a month here we are!!

We have been going full speed ahead and are super excited to have several wholesalers, including Brunette The Label, Lorna Jane, Freed and Freed, OSC, House of Koopslie, Blush, Press, Maaji, Malvados, Quay,Tkees, OP-ED, Nectar, Mala Collective, Lisbeth Jewelry, Brave, Chaser Brand, Before Denim, Six Crisp Days, Bellfield, Poppy and Peonies.

2 Kats Clothing is proud to be a part of Shoptiques, an online platform that lets you shop the world's best local boutiques online. Shoptiques is a community of women made up of all ages, sizes and ethnicities; who firmly believe style is ever-evolving-it’s made, not born.

2 Kats is a brand reflecting women everywhere and our passion for fashion. Here today, gone tomorrow - we're here to revolutionize the retail fashion industry and provide a unique, fun and friendly shopping experience!

-Jenn & Lauren



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